Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Balloon Sculpting and Decoration Expert

 Ladies and gentlemen, presenting Artsyballoons by Ouji!
Here's a link to his balloon website

And this is Ouji, doing a carnival balloon giveaway. In our trade, we call this line-work. Basically people queuing up for their balloons and despite how fast we twist, the queue never stops! So does the fun!
 Ouij had been featured on several public event and stages. Recently he had been invited to OKTO Live TV programme to film an educational segment.

Here is the link to his video on youtube:

WATCH from 10:45 onwards o youtube~

Ouji and his balloon snowman!

And check out his balloon decoration, because it is so beautiful!!!

This rainbow arch is very beautiful isn't it!
And the wordings made using balloons are very intricate and skillful! And there is a little girl which is so cute. The entire design is just too impressive, he is the balloon guru!

You guys will know who to call for customized balloon decorations! :)