Carnival food stalls

We provide a list of carnival food stalls just for your event. Our company provides hassle free services, reasonable prices and well as professional attitude in every deal we served.

Carnival food stalls have been around in Singapore for many years.We find them in shopping mall outdoor events, community centre events (CC event) as well as some private events. As living standards increases in Singapore, more and more private birthday parties often hire food stalls too. The higher demand food stalls are popcorn machines, candyfloss machines as well as ice-cream stalls. These carnival munchies truly brings back the old times.

Feel free to make an enquiry on the food stall rentals with Jocelyn at 91914112.

Churros Stall For Events

Tasty Churros for your event, right at your doorstep!
Deep Frying involved, therefore for outdoor events only

$350 for the first 2 hour (100 pax)
subsequent hour $100 (50 pax)


1 x Table
1 x Power-point
1 x Washing-point

A table will be required, additional $30 (one time charge) if table rental is needed.
Choice of Regular size or Bite Size

Up to three dips will be provided and included.

Traditional Carnival Food Stalls

We work with Singapore Established Event Company Event Guru for the carnival food stalls such as popcorn machine stall, cotton candy, hotdogs and many more.

Popcorn Machine Rental
Hassle-free delivery, set-up and collection, all done by us! Just allow your guests to enjoy these delicious crunchy popcorns during your event!

Candyfloss machine rental

Hotdogs machine rental

Kacang Puteh Stall Rental
With 10 different flavors and nuts to choose from, experience and have a bit of the traditional kacang puteh of Singapore. Right to your events' doorstep!

Ice-cream stall rental
Our traditional ice-cream stall comes with per hour bookings of free flow ice-creams. Served with bread  or plain cups.