Balloon Sculpting Singapore

Balloon sculpting for children birthday party

Jocelyn Ng from
Jocelyn started her journey back in 2007, as a hobbyist. Her passion turned into a career and ever since she established a re-known household brand for balloon sculpting and party services.

Children love balloons, no doubt. For every birthday party or joyous occasions, you are sure to see balloons hanging arounds. It represents celebration and happiness. Our professional balloon artists makes more than just balloon animals. Each balloon sculpture is sculpted as a piece of gift and art to your children and guests. If you hire our cartoon twisting packages, each balloons are wrapped into a clear bag to protect and preserve their shine & life-spend. You will never think twice having balloon sculpting for your party again!

Comes with a free special balloon for the birthday child!

Visit Jocelyn's balloon blog to find out more about our balloon sculpting packages:

Balloon sculpting for events
This is Mr Polka, Professional Balloon Sculptor for Events.
When it comes to balloon sculpting for event, speed is the key. Balloon artist will have to cope with large crowds and long queue. Therefore they will need to twist their balloons a lot faster than usual, and maintain the quality of each balloon sculpture.

Roadshows are perfect to hire balloon sculpting artists as they are the perfect crowd puller! And as for such events, balloon sculptors can really attract the kids and the family crowds. Our balloon sculpting artists are trained to handle the mass public who are forming long queues in front of the sculptor. 

The Balloon Dress

 Balloon dresses are perfect for special occasions. They are 100% wearable and they can definitely last you an entire day. Order a balloon dress for your prom night, fashion shows or even weddings. The designs of balloon dresses, like normal fabric dresses, are endless. Therefore when it comes to ideas and designs, the sky's the limit!

Balloon sculptures for photo-shoot
 This is an artwork done by Singapore Balloon Artist Kaden Tan. Many people relate balloons to be only for children. However this idea is not true. Balloons can be use for conceptualizing photography artworks and even used as advertising contents. This balloon sculpture that you see and all of its kind are done by 160 Metallic or Pearl balloons. They stands out with an exquisite and luxury image.

Balloon sculpting for decorations
12 inches balloons are commonly used for balloon decorations to pack small and play big. However, twisting balloons (with lots of skills and efforts) can be weaved into beautiful decoration pieces. It takes a tremendous amount of effort and hard-work but the end designs are often fabulous! Our artists specialize in creating awesome balloon decoration designs using their balloon sculpting skills.

Balloon arch rainbow for Dylan's Birthday
Balloon rainbow arch with crane and parrots
Kevin's 30th Birthday. Balloon rainbow backdrop for photo-taking
Balloon flower Vase - By balloon artist Kaden
Balloon princess sculpture and Rui En, filming for a Mediacorp production:

Balloon artist Jocelyn during her balloon sculpting service in a Childcare (Singapore) 
Pornsak with balloon artist Kaden