Sunday, April 27, 2014

Professional Facepainters

First of all we are using professional facepainting set from Tag which could cost up to USD$300 for a complete set for professional usage. When we charge a professional fee for our service, we want to provide the best for our client and make the money spent worthwhile.
Sadly to say that we still noticed several other companies who are using non-body suitable paints for birthday parties, thinking that clients do not know what's going on and it won't hurt the children, the ultimate reason is to save cost. 

We are gentle to children. ^^
Secondly, ALL of our face painters are female and they are all gentle to kids.

Professional speed. We believe that in the children entertainment industry, quality is important. And at the very same time, speed is the key! Therefore we do our best to comply to both, so as to allow our service to be value for money for our clients.
Do let us know if your kid's party is around the corner, we hope to see you soon!