Thursday, March 20, 2014

Children party planning

Weekend is approaching and time for birthday parties and facepainting! :)

Today we just decided to give everyone 5 basic steps to plan a successful birthday party, check them one by one!

STEP 1) Decide on the number of children, the number of pax you are inviting for your children party! This will then allow you to have ideas in mind on the venue, food catering, kind of party, invitation cards. So first thing's first, the number of children and the number of pax in total!

STEP 2) Decide with your spouse and child (if he/she is old enough) what theme do you want your party to be. Theme is very very important, it sets the direction and standard of your party. The food, decorations, entertainment and even the birthday child's and friends' dress code will have to be in sync with the theme! SO REMEMBER TO DECIDE ON THE THEME!!!

STEP 3) Budget. The reason why we think that budget is after the theme is because we should not allow budgets to restrict the theme and fun of the party. Any thing is possible and any amount is possible once you decided on the theme. So right now, with the budget you have in mind, you should allocate is accordingly for the VENUE, DECORATION , FOOD, ENTERTAINMENT and BIRTHDAY CAKES & TREATIES.

STEP 4) Once step 1 to 3 is done, it is time to design and send out your invitations! You can design cards and send it to your kid's school, mail them out or even hand them personally. Alternatively, a facebook group invitation or any other form of social media will be cool! We recommend this website: for a free design of your invitation card. Alternatively you can google for invitation card free designs.

STEP 5) Last but not least, we feel its GOODIE BAGS and ORDERING CAKES time! For goodie bags it is always good if the birthday child can pack himself/herself. If he/she is too young, maybe daddy and mummy can sit down and pack them together. Visit local party shops for nice goodie bag wrappers (according to your theme) which sometimes can be very inexpensive. You can choose to get personalized items so that the guests will have something memorable to bring home. The birthday cake choices are awesomely wide locally. I believe there are many cake shops and online shops out there for you to choose from!

I hope you guys find these information useful!!!