Saturday, November 15, 2014

Balloon Decoration Expert - Artsy Balloons

This is Ouji, founder of Artsyballoons, an balloon decoration master.

Ouji had been in business only since 2012, and he is already one of the most sought after balloon artist in Singapore. Unlike other balloon sculptors who mainly specializes in small scale balloon sculptures, Ouji is exceptionally good at what he love the most, large scale balloon decor.

We specially love his balloon arches which have unique concepts which differentiates his balloon art-pieces from other balloon companies.

One of his signature pieces is the balloon boy that resembles him a lot. It is mainly made by 260s (Sempertex) which is said to be his favorite brand of all.

If you are looking for customized decorations for your event, you know who to look for. :) 
Check out his official balloon website for more updates!