Friday, July 11, 2014

Facepainting service Singapore - Tutorial videos you can DIY

We had a blast past few weeks with many balloons, facepaintings/handpaintings for birthday parties.
The kids even get to see one of a kind unique showtime of Mr Rabbit and Mr Ouji giant man in balloon act before getting their face painting painted on them.
Here is a link to the balloon show details , Check out "Package B"
Here are some tutorial videos of facepainting you can paint at home on your kids' face. Remember to buy only facepainting paints!

Awesome butterfly design:

Leopard face is very difficult to do, but you can give it a try:
Wolverine, boys all time favourite facepainting design:
While you are having fun at home, do remember us when it comes to birthday parties and other fun events. We will be more than happy to be there for your event. June holiday had come to an end so its time for us to work on better designs and packages for the next holiday season. While everyone is working and studying hard, do not forget to some some rest and fun in between. Balance is the key of life!

Til next time guys, cheers!