Thursday, October 4, 2012

Shows in September12

Hi All, before i start blogging about the happenings in September, here is a picture i would like to share:
This is Miiss Jocelyn, made herself into balloons. Let me re-phrase...
This is made by Jocelyn who made her Miiss Jocelyn character into balloon sculpture!
How awesome is that!
Do visit her website and check out more of her artworks:
It was rare that our facepainters took photos in recent shows. Because it was just too rush to do so. We have several bookings from day to night on weekends and right now, school holidays are coming!

Got to get all gear up for the upcoming facepainting services bookings.

Our facepainters will see all of you in the next birthday party!
Til then, all the best for all children out there who are having their exams. Study hard and when its holiday time you can have fun!