Friday, August 3, 2012

Facepainter for hire in Singapore

Your One-Stop Singapore Face-painting Service Provider

‘Facepainting Singapore’ started in year 2010, providing quality and memorable services to our clients. Till today, We have a team of Professional Face Painters, continuing to provide the best services to everyone.
If you are planning for a party, wedding, corporate event, roadshow, sales fair, or even your kids party,  you have come to the right place! We provide all variety of services at your budget!

Looking for a Professional Balloon Decoration for your event venue?
Have you found a perfect and unique environment for your wedding, birthday party, or corporate event?
Providing professional artists design spectacular decorations that will beautify all your special occasion according to your selected theme. From Balloon Arch, Balloon Drop, Balloon Column, to Large Balloon Display, we will customize and design them beyond your imagination, with endless possibilities!
Contact us NOW and see how our artists can help you make your event a memorable & unique one!